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‘China eager to put up effort for peaceful reunification with Taiwan’

Beijing is ready to exert all possible effort to strive for peaceful “reunification” with democratic self-ruled Taiwan, following week of military operation near the island.

At a news press conference in Beijing, Ma Xiaoguang, the deputy director of China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said, “The motherland must be reunified and will inevitably be reunified.”

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As per an Aljazeera report, Xiaoguang further added that China is prepared to make the utmost effort to achieve peaceful “reunification”. However, it is still “unwavering” in its determination of defending its territory.

According to Reuters report, Ma stated that Taiwan may have different social structure from China to ensure their way of life, especially religious freedom, but it is “under the precondition of ensuring national sovereignty, security, and development interests”.

Whereas Qiu Kaiming, head of the research department at the party’s Taiwan Work Office stated that Beijing was showing “strategic flexibility” towards Taipei. He added that this “showed the world that Chinese people on both sides of the Strait are absolutely wise and capable enough of solving our own problems”.

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As stated in the Reuters report, China has advocated a “one nation, two systems” model that is similar to a plan used by British to retake control of their former colony.

Meanwhile Taiwanese official have rejected that proposal. Survey polls indicate that the proposal has almost no public support, particularly in light of Beijing’s imposition of a national security ordinance in Hong Kong in 2020 that resulted in anti-government and anti-China protests.

Earlier in 2016, China refused to talk to Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen when she took office, assuming that she supported separatism. On the other hand, she repeatedly offered to communicate with Beijing on terms of equality and respect.



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