Erdogan calls out the US for its unfair treatment of NATO allies

During a live CNN Turk broadcast on Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chastises the United States for treating NATO members unequally in light of the tensions between Turkey and Greece.

As reported by the Anadolu Agency, Erdogan stated that there is absolutely no comparison between Turkey and Greece’s primacy in NATO, Erdogan said in a televised interview, emphasizing that the US “cannot find another ally like Turkey.”

He further said that “Our expectation from the US is not to involve Greece in wrong calculations and not to allow the manipulation of international public opinion.” According to a report, he also slammed the US for lifting the arms embargo from the Greek Cypriot administration and termed it “inexplicable in terms of content and timing.”

He also warned by saying “this move will not go unanswered.” Moreover, when asked about a Russian-backed referendum in Ukraine, he expressed his disappointment and urged states to resolve the issue through diplomacy, as cited by TRT world.

“I wished such a referendum had not been held and we could have solved all this through diplomacy … but unfortunately it did not happen,” Erdogan stated. He also stated that he will meet with Putin on Thursday to persuade him of Kyiv’s concerns on four regions (of Ukraine where separation referendums were held).

While expressing his concerns about the possibility of nuclear war he said “I don’t even want to think about it. It would be catastrophic.”


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