Euphoria actor Chloe Cherry charged with stealing $28 blouse

Picture source - Getty Images

Euphoria actor Chloe Cherry is now facing shoplifting charges after being accused of stealing a $28 blouse in Pennsylvania.

The actress, whose actual name is Elise Jones, was seen on camera entering a changing room on December 27 while wearing a Moda International blouse, according to documents obtained by Lancaster Online on Thursday.

The actor Cherry, who portrayed Faye in the popular HBO series, is purportedly seen leaving the dressing room without the blouse in hand and without leaving it behind.

According to the workers, the actress from Euphoria may have taken the blouse with her as a result of this. The model allegedly used her credit card to pay for other items she bought, but she did not purchase the blouse.

Cherry, 27, reportedly acknowledged taking the blouse before giving it back to the officer once police got involved right after.

In January, she was then accused of stealing from a store, but the model’s rep refuted the allegations.

A preliminary hearing is planned for Cherry on March 1.