Experts warn India on its interference into neighbouring countries

Experts from Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh have warned India of its interference in the internal matters of their countries.

During the ongoing 51st session of the United Nations Council for Human Rights, the representatives of various human rights organizations and civil society presented three different webinars regarding the unnecessary interference and human rights violations by the Indian government in the internal affairs of its neighbouring countries Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The webinars were titled ‘Indian Dept Trap (Sri Lanka)’, ‘Indian Hegemony in Nepal; Current Manifestation’ and Human Rights Violations and Political Victimization in Bangladesh.

People from different schools of thought participated in these webinars and discussed Indian interference in the internal affairs of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and said that the Indian government taking advantage of the current economic situation of Sri Lanka and it is trying to influence its policies by trapping it in debt.

The legitimate right to annex the border areas of Nepal was raised and the ongoing human rights violations and political turmoil in Bangladesh were discussed.

Various organizations and people from civil society participated in these webinars and convinced the Indian government to stop interfering in its neighbouring countries


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