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Film ‘John’ to reflect life in Karachi’s slums

Aashir Wajahat Rauf is all set to play his first leading role in a feature film titled ‘John’, the hard-hitting trailer of which just got released this weekend.

Carrying a dusty green on-screen look, very much like the setting of the film itself, ‘John’ promises to provide an insight into the lives of the people dwelling in the slums of Karachi, specifically those who work as sweepers and are referred to as ‘jamadaar’ in Urdu, with no prospects to look forward to. A young guy full of passion, however, refuses to abide by the parameters set by his community, and this very refusal of his to sacrifice his basic human emotions in the face of class discrimination is what helps the narrative unfold, as can be observed through the trailer.

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Saleem Meraj accompanies Aashir Wajahat in this film helmed by Babar Ali, with Saleem Meraj being the older and more mature member of the community who is bent upon trying to calm the young boiling blood which Aashir will be representing. The two colliding temperaments will result in the film’s narrative getting filled with fights and debates on the society’s maltreatment towards its certain sections, with a soft and subtle romance between Aashir Wajahat and Romaisa Khan running in parallel to compensate for the socio-political film’s crudeness.

The exact release date of ‘John’ hasn’t been announced yet, but the trailer tells that it will hit the cinema screens very soon.



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