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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Gas crisis

An immense shortage of gas has gripped the country prompting the ill-prepared government to issue an order for provision of this basic necessity of life in the form of three doses a day daily.

People are out on the streets protesting as they have no gas to cook, bathe or keep themselves warm. There seems no end to the sufferings of citizens in the near future as the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is still struggling to cope with the economic crisis and other issues are being put on back burner. The PTI misled the nation with hollow slogans that it would overcome all the crises and put the country on the path to progress. So far no policy has been devised to avert the energy crisis. There is a countrywide crisis going on and the people appointed to find out who is responsible for the problem are not performing their duty right. It adds to the list of failures of the incumbent government in tackling various challenges faced by the countrymen.

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At a time when the concerned ministry is required to rectify the problem, it has just been presenting lame excuses. Instead of focusing on better planning and finding new and affordable sources of gas supply, including the option of importing gas from neighbouring countries, the government has been slow and ill prepared as it has always been. It only responds when a crisis spins out of control. The problem of gas shortage has not been created overnight. Besides, any person with some common sense understands that a gap in supply and demand increases with the passage of time. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the demands of an increasing population are met with proper measures. An obvious reason for its failure is that the government has been unable to understand the severity of the situation and appoint competent persons to resolve the issue. Those elements sitting at the helm of affairs are increasing the troubles of the masses instead of bringing any relief. It is the mandate of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources to take measures on a war footing to provide relief to citizens who are becoming a victim of the government’s lethargic attitude and poor policies in tackling challenges.

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