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Hina Altaf receives love and admiration for her Ramazan transmission

Celebrities often come under fire when they take up Ramadan transmissions, causing people to think that they are not the ‘right’ people according to society to teach the dos and don’ts of a holy month to the public, considering their bold and affluent lifestyles outside the month of Ramadan. Veena Malik, Ayesha Omar and Reema Khan have been consistent targets over the years in this regard.

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With Hina Altaf, however, things seem to be quite different, for the public is all praises for the ‘Udaari’ fame actress hosting a Ramadan transmission by the name of ‘Baran-e-Rehmat’. Hina Altaf, who is currently also acting in a star-studded serial called ‘Dil Zaar Zaar’ was warmly embraced by the public on the day she announced that she will be hosting a Ramadan transmission, and continues to garner the same love and respect, three days into the transmission.

Along with the elegant looks which she wears in the show that attract the majority of the Pakistani public, Hina Altaf is also being appreciated for the way she carries the transmission, with intelligence and confidence. A lot of people have been observed praising Hina Altaf and saying that they are enjoying her show the most amidst multiple Ramadan transmissions being hosted by various celebrities.



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