Imran’s sons Qasim and Suleman should be part of prison filling movement: Azma Bukhari

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) member Azma Bukhari has said that Imran Khan spreads lies all day long and does nothing else than propaganda, and that he should bring his sons to be part of his prison-filling movement.

On Wednesday, while talking to the media, Azma Bukhari said that “former prime minister Imran Khan keeps saying that his bag is packed to get arrested but then he reaches out to courts to get bail before arrest”.

She stated that Imran Khan challenged the state of Pakistan, he should start filling up prisons for himself rather than sending party workers to jail.

She also said that Imran Khan’s sons Qasim and Sulaiman should come back to Pakistan and be part of this movement of filling up prisons.

Azma Bukhari compared Imran Khan with Hitler and said he is taking an oath from the public for his Islamabad protest. “If you are so popular why do you need an oath?” she questioned.

She also criticized Aitzaz Ahsan and said, “He’s only looking to be relevant and also wants his wife to get an election ticket… if we start giving him the answer he deserves, it won’t be right.”

While answering a question on gas prices, she said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has rejected the summary of increasing gas prices for the general public.


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