It’s west’s ethical responsibility to help flood-affected Pakistan: UNSG Guterres

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UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres stated that Pakistan was the victim of “a grim calculus of climate injustice” and it was west’s ethical responsibility to help flood-affected Pakistan.

The UNGA chief urged industrialized countries, which are responsible for 80% of the emissions that cause global warming, to aid in the recovery, adaptation, and building of disaster resilience in Pakistan.

The UN head described aid to Pakistan as a moral obligation of developed countries as he wrapped up a discussion on the destruction brought on by the most recent floods.

He said, “This time it is Pakistan, tomorrow it could be any of our countries or communities.

The UNGA overwhelmingly approved a resolution on Friday encouraging donor countries and organizations to fully assist recovery and reconstruction operations.

Guterres informed the UNGA that flood waters had flooded a region three times the size of Portugal.

He stated that cholera, malaria, and dengue fever might now claim many more lives than the floods in Pakistan and that the country was on the verge of a public health disaster.”

The UN agency for refugees said on Saturday that it urgently needs emergency supplies for more than 650,000 people in yet another request for assistance.

According to UNHCR’s most recent estimates, there have been at least 1,700 deaths, and 12,800 injuries, including at least 4,000 children, 7.9 million displaced people, and close to 600,000 people residing in relief facilities.


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