Japan believes China fired five missiles into its economic zone

Picture source - Kyodo via Japan Times

Japan’s Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi has said that five ballistic missiles fired by China’s military on Thursday during drills near Taiwan were believed to have fallen inside its exclusive economic zone.

Kishi said the Japanese government delivered a diplomatic protest to Beijing over this move.

Kishi stated during a news conference that this was a major issue that concerned their national security and the safety of their people.

China’s Defense Ministry earlier on Thursday claimed that it had launched 11 ballistic missiles into the waters to the north, east, and south of Taiwan. Kishi claimed that the Chinese military had launched nine ballistic missiles.

China made the announcement on Tuesday that it would conduct some of its largest-scale military drills, including ballistic missile launches, in retaliation for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

China views democratic Taiwan as a crucial component of its territory that must be reintegrated, if necessary, through force. In contrast, the United States has long upheld a “One China” policy in which Beijing, not Taipei, is recognized by Washington.

The Taiwan Relations Act requires the US to give the independent island the tools to defend itself.