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Junaid Khan raises awareness regarding drugs on university campuses

Singer and actor Junaid Khan, ever since the release of his 2021 film ‘Kahay Dil Jidhar’, has been found practically implementing the knowledge which the film imparted. The film revolved around the devastating effects of excessive drug intake, something which our youth has unfortunately indulged itself in.

Junaid Khan, who was a part of the film along with other important names from the industry such as Mansha Pasha, has lately been observed making it to various seminars, off and on campuses, in order to spread an awareness regarding the adverse results of drug usage, saying that this is something which his film taught him, and it is thus incumbent upon him to represent the objective-based film on larger platforms instead of keeping it confined to entertainment screens.

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The singer and actor was first found in a seminar conducted by Sindh’s Anti-Narcotics Force, which according to Junaid Khan, has once again taken it upon itself to ensure the eradication of drugs. Later on, Government College University Lahore’s vice chancellor was also observed sharing a few photos along with Junaid Khan who, as the university’s administration tells, visited the campus especially to inculcate the idea among youngsters that drug intake has the tendency to wreak havoc in their lives.

Post both the seminars, Junaid Khan was found saying:

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“‘Kahay Dil Jidhar’ is also all about how drugs are destroying our youth and our society and that we all as a team and as a nation must tackle this at all levels.”



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