Karachi’s people have political intelligence, city belongs to PTI: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that the people of Karachi had political intelligence and the city belonged to PTI.

On Friday, while addressing local body elections candidates in Karachi, Imran Khan said that when Karachi prospers, the whole of Pakistan prospers.

He said this time PTI will not only form a government in the center but also in Sindh.  Leaders in Sindh have looted this city for decades and sent money abroad to make properties.

“Karachi has been led by the Zardari mafia; it’s our bad luck that Karachi has been ruled by such a mafia that has stopped the city from performing up to its potential,” he stated.

He asked his local body candidates to go to every household and campaign. He also said the people of Karachi want ‘change’ and PTI will win local body elections as well as general elections.

“No one can stop the revolution in Pakistan and my nation will not disappoint me,” he stated.

Imran Khan asked everyone to get ready for a call against the imported government that has been formed to end corruption cases.

Khan further said that both families have gotten NRO-2 and destroyed the country.

Referring to the Sharif family, he said they ran away every time the country went through a tough time. “We need to stand up against this injustice where a small thief goes to jail and a big thief gets NRO and rules the country,” he said.


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