Legendary actor Ismail Tara passes away in Karachi

The legendary actor Ismail Tara passed away at the age of 73 on Thursday from kidney disease in Karachi.

His son Shiraz Tara said, “He was admitted to a private hospital three days ago, but he passed away from kidney failure.”

The funeral prayer will be held at the Pahari Masjid on Shaheed-e-Millat road after Friday prayers.

The legendary actor, who was born in Karachi in November 1949, has a long career in theatre, television, and film.

In 1964, when he was still in his early teens, he began performing in theatre plays. His coworkers claim that his mimicking abilities gained him rapid notoriety and that he soon drew the attention of Pakistan Television’s talent scouts.

He became widely popular as a result of the comedy show Fifty-Fifty, which aired from 1979 to 1981.

The show which was inspired by the American sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live was a huge success and is today regarded as one of the classiest comedic productions in PTV history.

Tara and fellow artist Majid Jehangir rose to the top of the comedy world through Fifty-Fifty. The program was highly bold for its day because it held nothing sacred while taking a direct look at societal injustices and double standards.


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