‘Lucky Kabootar’: A light-hearted entertainment

‘Lucky Kabootar’ is a light-hearted comedy and entertainment that creates a jovial atmosphere. After the busy Qurbaani, the telefilm comes as a treat to the viewers.

The setting of the telefilm is remarkable. It shows a typical mohalla [neighbourhood] where all the characters dwell. The kabootar baazi on the rooftop and the neighbour eyeing the girls from behind their houses are the perfect backdrop the telefilm is set in.

The costumes are also in sync with the environment. The typical red and black shalwar kameez that Laiqa wears is emblematic of the kind of background she belongs to.

The entire cast deserves to be applauded for their excellent performance, especially Laiqa and Mekaal. The pigeon dance that Meekal performs sends the audience into squeals of laughter.

Laiqa plays the typical ‘mohalla girl’, and the way she delivers the role is fantastic.

The plot revolves around Nanna (Ayaz Samoo), Nirali (Zainab Shabbir), Iftikhar (Sohail Sameer), and Shaista (Sana Fakhr), Sharukh (Mekaal Zulfiqar), and Laiqa (Ushna Shah), three star-crossed lovers.

The telefilm starts with ‘Kabootar Baazi’. Laiqa is fond of pigeons and Lucky is the name of her favourite pigeon. Lucky is a match-winning kabootar.

Laiqa loves Lucky alot and tells her phupho [paternal aunt] that she will not marry a man who doesn’t accept Lucky. Phupho didn’t marry all her life so that she could take care of Laiqa.

Shahrukh, Laiqa’s neighbour, is head over heels in love with Laiqa. On the other hand, his chahcha [paternal uncle], who runs a tea business, can’t stop grieving about his wife Jameela who asks for ‘khula’ because of the kabootar [pigeon]. The kabootar is responsible for her falling off the motorcycle. Iftikhar at this point does not know that phupho, Shaista, will be fated to be his wife.

Nanna is a police officer who likes Laiqa. There’s a twist here as Niraali is crazy about Nanna.

Who will get whom is something I will not reveal. Watch ‘Lucky Kabootar’ to find out!

Shahrukh writes poetry. He writes cheap yet witty verses at the back of vehicles.

‘Dollar mera uran ghatola

(Dollar if reaching heights)

Baiytha hon mai is mi bilkul akela.’

(I’m sitting in it all alone)

The scene shifts to Laiqa and Shahrukh. Her heartbeat goes louder with the flight of every pigeon which upsets Shahrukh because she cannot see his love for her.

Meanwhile, Nanna, who is attracted to Laiqa comes over for tea.

Laiqa makes fun of him.

Itna bara afsar hai

(Such a big officer)

Tu naam nannah kyoon hai.

(but name is still Nanna)

As opposed to Laiqa’s hurtful comments, Niraali tells Nanna:

‘Nanna, I like you even without your moustache.’

Nanna, in an attempt to secure Laiqa, steals the kabootar and puts the blame on Shahrukh and Iftikhar.

He puts them behind bars. Are Shahrukh and Iftikhar finally freed from prison? Will the three lovers fated for each other be united?

To conclude, the telefilm was a treat to the eyes. It was something to relish. Hats off to the cast and crew for coming up with a brilliant theme and plot.

Beenish Mahmood has a double Master's in English Literature with almost a decade of experience in magazine journalism. She is passionate about South Asian Fiction and environmental issues. She can be reached through email at address-beenishmhmd@gmail.com.