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Malakand Jirga seeks Barrister Saif’s removal as CM special assistant

Malakand division peace Jirga on Sunday overwhelmingly accepted a resolution demanding the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to fire Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif from his position because he is “an accomplice of terrorists”

It further stated that the chief minister’s special assistant Barrister Saif had admitted to representing terrorists in his comments regarding the leader of the Awami National Party Sardar Hussain Babak.

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The Swat Qaumi Jirga organized the grand Jirga session In the Wadudia Hall of Saidu Sharif.

Elders and politicians from the Malakand division declared on the occasion that they would never allow any form of terrorism in any of the districts and emphasized that it was the constitutional duty of the state to maintain lasting peace in the area.

Speakers at the Jirga included political figures, elders, environmental specialists, traders’ federation and hotel association representatives, lawyers, and activists from the districts of Malakand, Upper Dir, Lower Dir, and Swat.

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The speakers claimed that everyone is aware of the truth about the terrorists and that no one can be duped into sabotaging peace by any means.

Participants from Malakand and Dir suggested that the government redesign the expressway that follows the Swat River to prevent people from blocking the route from Chakdara to all of Malakand’s districts.

The Jirga members declared they would not consent to taxation in the Malakand division by the government. They claimed that the special status of the Malakand division could not be eliminated by Article 247-A of the Constitution.

They advised the KP administration to abstain from taking land on lease from the public under the guise of developing tourism. However, they said that the residents could lease their land in exchange for the creation of new tourist attractions.

They declared the beginning of a combined movement under the Malakand Qaumi Jirga to achieve enduring peace in the region.


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