Masses must join PPP protest against government: Bilawal

Referring to his party’s announcement of launching a series of protests from October 29 to build momentum against the incumbent government, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that people from all walks of life will take to the streets to protest their ‘economic murder’ at the hands of the federal government.

He urged the masses to join the protest, saying that the PPP workers will act as people’s ambassadors. “Now is the time for the nation to increase its struggle against injustice,” he said. Addressing party workers in Larkana, Bilawal said he will fight against “this puppet government like we fought against the dictators” and public participation in Friday’s (today) protest against record inflation will prove that the nation is with PPP. He said the PPP had taken the country out of its troubles, but it is again in trouble now, “so it is our responsibility to rescue the people of the country from problems”. The PPP chief said that inflation, unemployment and poverty are at their highest levels in the country today.

Bilawal once again floated the idea of bringing a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘to salvage the country and prevent further descent into financial crisis’. He claimed that the government would not be able to survive another no-confidence motion if tabled in all the assemblies, and urged other political parties to consider this democratic way of ousting the regime.