Maya Ali, Bilal Ashraf call out critics for harsh reviews

The actors Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf said that while critics believe it is their right to state what they feel is not working; those critics do not completely take into account what happens behind the camera.

The Pakistani drama scene is frequently criticized for remaking the same material.

Maya Ali criticized critics, saying they only care to watch the first episode of a drama to learn how it develops and how much effort goes into creating it before writing their “harsh” critiques.

The performers talked about the necessity for respect between actors and reviewers in an interview with an online media outlet.

According to Maya, some of the content produced by streaming goliaths like Netflix is successful and others aren’t. She continued by saying that critics don’t consider why an actor chooses comparable scripts.

She speculated that it might be because the actor feels more at home in a particular kind of role or because they have to take care of their family.

Maya asked them to show more compassion. To learn how someone commutes from home and what kind of job they do, she suggested that you work with us for 90 days before giving us a review.

Although the criticism is occasionally constructive, the actress pointed out that it is often not expressed gently.

Ashraf offered his opinion, stating that “constructive input” is what is required. “I want them to create a drama or something of about five minutes in length before giving us any criticism. Then observe it. Judging while seated is easy.”