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Mehndi colours brought to Lahore in all their vibrancy

Mehndi is an important part of the subcontinent’s culture, not only owing to this organic product’s rampant availability in both Pakistan and India, but also for the way its fragrance and colours are loved, respected and fully utilized on wedding events as well.

Mehndi, also applied to hands, feet and hair which are then referred to as hennaed parts of the body, is also an important wedding festivity being held from pre-partition days and one which continues to date. It marks the presence of attires which carry various hues of Mehndi, be it yellow inspired from its plant form, greenish brown inspired from its processed form or orange from its final, dried form.

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On January 18, Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry in collaboration with The House of Kamira Rokni, presented a preview of their Mehndi collection titled ‘Dhanak’. The event took place at Cosa Nostra, Gulberg, and exhibited eye-catching colours all apt for any of the Mehndi nights taking place these days. The place was decorated in accordance with Mehndi events’ style, with yellow-coloured garlands woven out of marigolds forming the background against which the attendees posed in shades of yellow, orange, brown and green. The dresses also had traditional designs embroidered on them, providing them with a proper, cultural look.


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Photography by Kamran Mehdi



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