Most baffling & boiling question?

At this point of time, I am noticing that that there are too many power thirsty, both men and women, who have grouped up in a sense and attempt to topple the incumbent government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI led by PM Imran Khan Niazi) which, as a matter of fact, is not a bad idea to be honest simply because it is the very spirit of democracy itself that the will of the masses are to be heard and not ignored so from that point of view, I do not see that anyone including PTI should grumble or even raise eye brows as to why and how Maulana Fazalur Rehman has headed Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) and pitched himself against PM Imran and his government?

However, as the time passed on, PDM has become too fragile and PPP which once at the formation of PDM was very much inseparable and integrated part of the new opposition alliance and Bilawal was always seen sitting just next to Maulana itself personifies that he had enjoyed very exclusive importance but as the time passed on, Bilawal not only distanced himself from PDM but has severed its relationship with so called PDM and its head Maulana Fazlur Rehman himself and through others tried his best to get back Bilawal but he did not budge even an inch which have shocked not Maulana alone but others also who shook hands Maulana Fazal to become a party to PDM.

In my beloved Pakistan, there is just one top most important post at the federal level which is that of Prime Minister who being Head of Government, enjoying inborn prerogative to chalk out all logistics and introduce his own well-conceived plans as to how he rules whole of Pakistan but for academic discussion, one can add President also though this position is much less lucrative than PM.

Before touching my compatriot hungry and thirsty politicians, let me hurriedly say a few words about human nature which certainly plays very dominant and emphatic role in the life of every individual and, therefore, it is quite but natural that each and every individual, be male or female, wants to advance and progress in his/her profession and field. It goes without saying that the one who started at step zero at the ladder wants to jump to step one on the ladder and then on step two and likewise he keeps on jumping till he touches the top of the ladder. I very much doubt if one can personify any individual who started at top of the ladder but then voluntarily wishes to come down on the ladder instead of going still higher and higher. However, if anyone for any reason and or under any circumstances, is obliged to work at a lower position than what he had been in the past then that person will not be so efficient and diligent as he had been before means that his performance is now less because his job title and responsibilities are lesser than before.

Asif Ali Zardari had been none but President of Pakistan and as such being the Head of State, he occupied the highest authoritative office in the country where none is above him including Prime Minister who is Head of Government which very clearly proves that Asif will not and should not accept any position other than President of Pakistan and keeping same in mind he contested National Assembly election in 2018 believing that his PPP will win majority seats in NA so eventually he will again be the president but election results did not favor alike so he lost the chance to again be the Head of State but in next election he will certainly endeavor with all his might duly punctuated with his total sources and resources to be president and ever since there can be just one president so Asif Ali Zardari excludes all others wishful aspirants to be the President.

Prime Minister, being Head of Government is the most contested position and everyone wants to grab it but as the bad luck had it, there can be just one Prime Minister, and luckily or unluckily, there are as many as three former prime ministers who want again to be crowned as PM while there are many news faces as well who are also aspiring to be Prime Minister of Pakistan and I also support and vote that they be given second chance when Nawaz had been our PM for three  times so why and how these three cannot be PM for second time is quite an interesting and intriguing question which must be answered instead of being ignored?

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was our PM who took over when PM Nawaz Sharif was thrown out so it is quite but natural that he wants to be back on the seat he occupied earlier. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was our PM who replaced Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and, therefore, none on the face of earth can deny Raja to be our PM for second time as well. We cannot forget that Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani who was our PM has just temporarily accepted to be Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and thus he is very much in the contest to be the next PM.  To the best of my understanding and knowledge, I think there is no law which debars them not be Prime Minister for second time.

Luckily, at this point of time, we have four care taker Prime Ministers as well who are still alive namely Balakh Sher Mazari, Chauhdry Shujaat Hussain, Muhammad Mian Soomro and Nasirul Mulk and they do enjoy an inborn prerogative to be our regular PM as well and instead of continuing as care taker PM as and when situation so demands.

As regards new aspirants to be PM, the list has many heavy weights to be in the run and to tell you the truth and it is absolutely very difficult as to who is the hottest favorite candidate simply because all of them are day dreaming for years, if not decades, to be crowned as Prime Minister of Pakistan and honestly speaking it is not that easy either as to who be named here first as all are fire brand speakers and boasting of to be the next Prime Minister.  Due to paucity of space, I will limit to just a few contestants only.

Shehbaz Sharif is to be at the top of the ladder for many cogent reasons and not otherwise. He had not only been Chief Minister of Punjab which is the most important province of the country for many long years but he is the younger brother of former PM Mian Nawaz Sharif as well and even a brute can understand that Shahbaz must have learnt a lot from his elder brother as to how to be a successful PM. On the face of it, he is likely to thunder for becoming Prime Minister. He ran and succeeded in being elected as MNA but ever since his political party PML N did not get the majority seats, he had no option but to be MNA and Opposition Leader in NA but he has very much set his eyes to be seated as PM where his elder brother Nawaz had been not once or even twice but thrice.

Bilawal Zardari Bhutto who is chairman of Pakistan People’s Party and foreign educated youth is a fire brand speaker in any case and ever since his parents, both father and mother, had been our leaders, so he is born with germs of leadership and political leadership very much runs in his blood. His father Asif Ali Zardari was the President while his mother Benazir Bhutto was our Prime Minister so right from his birth, he has been very nicely groomed in his own house to be our future leader which none can boast alike come what may. He, over the past many months has addressed many rallies pulling thousands of individuals including men and women itself proves that he is quite popular and it will be extremely difficult, like chewing steel nuts, to ignore him from premiership. He is a sitting Member of our National Assembly since 2018 and, as such, he himself has gained some political experience to polish him further in political leadership. He has always hurled stones at PM Imran and telling the public that he knows better than Imran as to how to run the country and, therefore, he be given a chance to show ad demonstrate his inner potentials to rule as PM.

Maryam Nawaz, who each day and night, attacks PM Imran is also aspiring to be next prime minister for two principal reasons namely that she is the daughter of our former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif who had been on the throne for three times which in turn excites her to become PM. Secondly, ever since her father Nawaz was dethroned from PM office, therefore, she in retaliation and revenge wants to wear the crown herself to anguish the anger of her father to some extent. She has already proved to be crowd-puller simply because she has conducted many solo gatherings where thousands have come to listen her right from east to west and north to south. The biggest hurdle in her way is none but her own uncle Mian Shehbaz Sharif who has publicly announced that he is the only person to be our next PM. Being Chief Minister, he has every right to be elevated as Prime Minister and not CM again. At this point of time neither Maryam nor Shehbaz have shown any sign to surrender rather both are equally very much ignited to run for PM office.

Qamar Zaman Kaira from PPP is also aspiring to be next prime minister and I do second him though he is an alien to me but yet I believe that ever since he has been a federal minister, he does enjoy an inborn right to be elevated as prime minister and keeping that very goal in his mind, he has already burnt his hard earned money on attending and addressing public meetings in so many different cities and towns so that his candidature in not faded away and instead general public remembers him in next election. He had been a federal minister and therefore, none on the face of earth can deny him to right to be promoted as PM.

Ahsan Iqbal is yet another aspirant who is also attacking PM Imran Khan Niazi, like many others, for one reason or the other, and trying his hard to give a message to public that PM Imran has failed on many counts but I know what are the gray areas which he wants to improve upon on becoming next prime minister. His education and experience as former federal minister do give him some advantage over others and who knows may be is the next prime minister.

I must admit it loudly and publicly to pen that I have utterly failed to place Maulana Fazalur Rehman so far as political leadership is considered though on more than one time, he directly and indirectly, has said that ever since PM Imran Khan has failed to deliver, so I am the answer to steer our political boat. For quite many months he is leading Pakistan Democratic Movement and has very successfully conducted dharna as well in Islamabad very well proves that he should not be under estimated and he has proved his strength to become next premier but still I have many doubts if he can become what he very often day dreams because there are far too many in the run as explained above and, therefore, I am very much doubtful if Fazal can be the next President or even Prime Minister for that matter but nevertheless he is not in a mood to run off from political arena under all circumstances, howsoever odd they might be.

Summing up, I have very strong feelings that ever since there are just two posts of President and Prime Minister, so many in the run who at this point of time enjoy very cordial relations and they even dine together as well but ever since they are facing cut throat competition among themselves, it is very much feared that those who are defeated will become unfriendly to some extent with those who eventually succeed in taking oath as President and Prime Minister.