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Nature favors world peace

"The question is whether the occupying powers in our society want to push us into a state of complete lawlessness or amend their behavior and let the courts and law enforcement agencies deliver justice"

Think about the Nature. It connotes calmness, peace, and beauty. There are tens of thousands of signs and movements that suggest the way and actions necessary for the pleasure and prosperity of humankind. If you climb on a very high building and feel like flying in the air and jump down from the roof without any parachute, you will be finished. Newton came to know nature’s laws of motion and explained that a body remains at rest or in motion at a constant speed in a straight line unless acted upon by a force. When two objects interact, they apply forces to each other of equal magnitude and opposite directions. After knowing and using these laws, humankind took major strides toward development, and we were successful in flying airplanes. Similarly, if we like red flames of fire and want to jump in it, we will be burnt and can die. If we think about the beneficial use of fire, then we will be cooking our food on it; we can use it for getting steam energy and making our winters cozy. If I am in the mood to hit others, they will hit me in response, and their blows could prove very heavy.

Think about a society where there are no ethics, no rules, and no laws. People can hit anyone they like and can snatch anything from others they can grab. Think about the chaos and life people will have in such a society. It will be worse than the animals’ life. We will find the injured, hungry and lean people everywhere. Crying and dying people, and skeletons of the dead. This is the worst aspect of human life, springing out of lawlessness and complete selfishness. Ours is not a society like that because we claim to have constitutions, laws, rules, and regulations. Stronger factions try to use the law only for their control, and in this struggle, they don’t care for others’ rights. In most cases, they apply the tactics of hypocrisy for their claims to obey the constitution and law. But the reality is that it is their power that oppresses the weaker factions of the society and it is the misuse of law and rules which is the cause of helplessness of the majority weaker factions. In our society, running in an election is only the upper society’s game. It is such an expensive game of money and muscles that the lower stratum cannot even think of it.

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They don’t have any representation in the parliament. Social media and courageous and genuine journalists have fully exposed the hypocrisy of the ruling clique. Now, our so-called elite is all nude with their wrongdoings. It is just a matter of their layered power, use of police, murderous gangs, government machinery, and other corrupt institutions that have made the weak classes helpless. The overwhelming poor majority is continuously struggling for equal rights and equal respect in society. A fake and unreliable election system is helping only those candidates who can spend forty-fifty million rupees and prepare armed squads of gangsters. During elections, long processions of expensive wagons are considered necessary for the show of power. Vote purchasing and election rigging are the other tools of the so-called elite. They are all gangs of plunderers who want power for looting the national exchequer through limitless tactics of corruption. These facts have exposed and fully degraded the notion of democracy in the eyes of our people. He must be a fool who does not know the reality of our society. But our politicians and ruling cliques consider it their stupidity if they do not practice hypocrisy and all the tactics to exploit national resources to make them more powerful.

This is the important juncture of our miserable life. Our powerful classes are not ready to believe in ethics or respect the law. They know that without showing arrogance from their side, they will not gain (as they consider it) the respect of the commoners and acceptance from their class. Deprived classes have seen discrimination in all regards for so long. Now they are no more to tolerate injustices. This is the point to be given all the concentration. No status quo is tolerated anymore. It will not remain the same. Democracy is good if it is genuine. Laws and constitutions are good if they are given respect in the real sense. This is the only way to keep peace and prosperity in society. The plunderer classes’ hypocrisy is no longer going to work. But it has created the semi hindrance in the way of bloody revolution so far. On the other hand, this condition is worse than a bloody revolution for the deprived populace. They have experienced the worst, and they have known all.

The question is whether the occupying powers in our society want to push us into a state of complete lawlessness or amend their behavior and let the courts and law enforcement agencies deliver justice and bring satisfaction to the lower classes who are compelled to live in the worst conditions. Control is just a fake notion of life. Human’s life struggle is for a safe and prosperous future and to defend him from the catastrophes of nature and war.  We can save ourselves from the second by standing by the rules and laws and justice, and this can bring prosperity and pleasure to our lives. No one can save himself from the first type of disaster. Death is the biggest reality of humankind, and we don’t have any control over it.



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