Nimra Khan gears up for powerful role with a new look

It won’t be wrong to say that we had gotten tired of Nimra Khan’s consistent sobbing on screen. Yes, such have been the roles which Nimra Khan has been offered time and again, and have unfortunately also stereotyped the actress to some extent, who is now believed to be a performer who loves paying victimized women crying day and night in narratives that revolve around saas-bahu issues only. Be it ‘Mujhe Khuda Pe Yaqeen hai’, ‘Mujh Ko Pata Hai’ or ‘Banno’, Nimra Khan has always been found clad in a dupatta in a conservative household and crying either owing to the whims of a manipulative husband or the atrocities of a step-mom or a mother-in-law.

With her latest serial, however, the actress has proven that she possesses acting skills far better than what is usually expected of her. It is only unique stories with minimum brutalized characters that are required for her to properly exhibit her talent as an actress. This is an opportunity which TV serial ‘Aye Musht e Khaak’ has definitely provided to Nimra Khan, who has not only been found playing the role of an unforgiving and dominating woman in the serial, but complementing her strong character in the story are her uber-cool attires and curly short hair.

Khan is playing a US-based girl in the serial who is on a revenge-spree, for she is not at all ready to accept the fact that she had been used by a man for his leisure time only. Apart from Nimra Khan’s over-all look, people are also loving her entry into the narrative which will have the viewers’ curiosity piqued.