Nurses of Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar boycott duties

Lady Reading Hospital nurses have boycotted all services on the fifth day in protest of unpaid allowances.

The nurses protested by chanting anti-hospital administration slogans and announced that they would continue to boycott services until they get payment of risk allowance.

Protesters demanded a share of the revenue gathered from Sehat Sahulat Card patients receiving treatment in hospital, and an end to the illegal cutting of hostel allowance and pay them ICU allowance.

The Board of Governors (BoG) set Rs10,000 per room per month in the nursing hostel, and three nurses live in one room, paying Rs3000 per month, exclusive of electricity charges.

Media manager of the hospital, Muhammad Asim stated that In LRH, the salary package for nursing staff is between Rs60,000 to Rs160,000, and paying Rs3000 for accommodation in the hostel is not a huge amount.

The nurses stated that if their demands are not met, all nurses in the province will boycott.

For the first time, nursing staff declined to assist patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Gynea wards.

Patients in the ICU and Gynae departments suffered as a result because the hospital board established a protocol in which one nurse is assigned to care for two patients in the ICU.


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