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Only God knows how hard I have worked: Bushra Ansari

Versatile artist Bushra Ansari recently took to Instagram to share a photo from an old collection of hers, showing her amidst notable celebrities of PTV’s golden era. She herself could be seen holding a mic as an interviewer, walking amongst people like Tahira Wasti and Behroz Sabzwari while moderating a show.

Bushra Ansari, who is now also known as Bushra Iqbal after her second marriage, had also captioned the picture which said that only God knew how much hard work she had done to reach the position where she stood now. She also added that people could not think how great the celebrities were whom she interviewed while she was quite young. It was never an easy task for her, she said, ending her caption with the line “Youn hi nahi ban gaye hum apke apny” (it is not out of mere chance that I have become much-endeared among the masses).

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In a way, Bushra Ansari’s statement could also be perceived as a subtle dig at modern hosts and actors, most of whom are indebted to photographers, make-up artists and most of all social media for their overnight fame. In comparison, Bushra Ansari and her colleagues belong to the time period in which there was no internet, and it was only through sheer hard work, talent and quality content that people could attain popularity, Bushra herself being a fine example. She not only established herself as an unparalleled mimic and comedian, but also as a fine serious actress, a charming host, a wonderful chef and a mature dramatist having penned blockbuster serials like ‘Neeli Dhoop’, ‘Kuch Dil Ne Kaha’, ‘Makaan’, ‘Dil Hai Chota Sa’ and ‘Pakeezah’.



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