Pakistan among 12 of 35 countries opposing pressure on Iran in IAEA resolution

Picture - source Reuters

Pakistan has opposed pressuring Iran in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) meeting’s resolution that was endorsed by the two-thirds of 35-nation’s UN nuclear watchdog.

IAEA’s Board of Governors meeting in June had passed a resolution in which profound concerns had been expressed that there had been unexplained traces of Uranium at three undeclared sites.

The non-binding statement by the United States, Britain, France and Germany was endorsed by the UN nuclear watchdog. It has been said that there had been no progress and no engagement by Iran since then. The four countries have reaffirmed support for June’s statement seeking to get as many countries as they could.

Germany also provided a list of countries according to which 23 countries on the board had supported the resolution whereas 12 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Senegal and Vietnam were not included in the list of countries that supported the resolution.

The joint statement presented by Germany said, “We call upon Iran to act immediately to fulfil its legal obligations and, without delay, take up the (IAEA) Director General’s offer of further engagement to clarify and resolve all outstanding safeguards issues.”

Earlier, the June resolution was opposed by Russia and China only whereas Pakistan and India had abstained at that time.

Western powers have said that the unexplained uranium particles issue has become an obstacle in wider talks to Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal due to which the talks to revive the badly eroded deal have been jeopardized and hence the nuclear activities of Iran have been restricted in exchange for relief from the western sanctions.