Pakistan demands climate aid at COP27

Pakistan Climate Minister Sherry Rehman during COP27 has stated that the country won’t be satisfied until UNclimate conference negotiators release emergency funding to help it recover from this year’s devastating floods.

While talking to Reuters Sherry Rehman stated; “the dystopia has already come to our doorstep.”

She criticized the glacial pace of climate diplomacy claiming that it cannot meet the demands of a nation that is still working on recovery from flooding that cost the nation more than $30 billion in economic losses.

She went on to say that the political advances we make here will have very little meaning on the ground unless there is a transfer of resources that shifts the needle on how people face the future.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also called on rich states to offer aid and debt relief to aid Pakistan to recover from flood devastation and make the state stronger against severe climate change impacts.

This year’s COP27 summit in Egypt featured Pakistan in a prominent capacity as one of the two co-chairs invited by the event’s host nation Egypt.

Pakistan also advocated on behalf of the G7 umbrella group of developing nations for tripling funding to support developing countries in coping with the effects of climate change.


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