PEMRA restricts Imran Khan’s coverage amid his arrival in Islamabad

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) restricted live coverage of events outside the Islamabad Judicial Complex on Saturday, where PTI Chairman Imran Khan is due to appear in court.

PEMRA said in a statement that it had observed with concern that satellite TV stations were broadcasting live footage (sic) / photos of a violent mob and attacks on police and law enforcement authorities outside Imran’s Zaman Park house.

The prohibition comes after two days of fierce confrontations between PTI supporters and law enforcement officers as the latter attempted to carry out a court-ordered arrest warrant.

It claimed that the footage or images were broadcasted on television without any editorial oversight during a recent standoff in Lahore between political party workers and law enforcement agencies, during which the violent mob used petrol bombs, injuring armless policemen and blazing police vehicles.

It went on to say that the live broadcast of such material on several satellite TV stations “caused pandemonium and terror” among viewers and police. “Such mob action not only jeopardizes law and order but also puts public property and lives at risk,” it said.

According to PEMRA, broadcasting such information would be a breach of many Supreme Court rulings.


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