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Popular YouTuber defrauds 6,000 people out of $55 million in Thailand

A well-known Thai YouTuber who portrayed herself as a successful forex trader fled the country after it was learned that she had allegedly conned over 6,000 people out of two billion baht (about $55 million).

On Sunday, Natthamon Khongchak, also known as Nutty’s Diary on YouTube, allegedly moved to Malaysia after gaining over 800,000 members to her channel.

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According to reports, Natthamon exploited her platform to entice victims into investing money with the promise of huge profits in a short amount of time while professing to be a skilled FX trader.

The YouTuber would ask investors to put funds into her account with the promise of 25% returns for contracts lasting three months and 30% returns for contracts lasting six months.

Nathhamon would guarantee a return of 35% for contracts lasting a year and make a monthly payment commitment.

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In April, investors start to voice their dissatisfaction about not obtaining the promised profits.

Natthamon said in an Instagram post on May 25 that she had made a trading error and had lost all the money, but that she would reimburse her investors.

On June 24, she said that she was facing two lawsuits and that, if convicted, she would be unable to repay the investors.

On Sunday, the well-known Thai Facebook page ‘Drama-addict’ made the allegation that the YouTuber had fled to Malaysia and that one of her victims had offered a reward of 1 million baht (about $27,513) to anybody who could help bring her to justice.



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