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Prosperity is impossible without rule of law, says Imran

Today’s economic challenges worst, nobody sacred cow and should be equal before law, PTI Chairman

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that prosperity will never be possible without rule of law and there was the rule of the jungle instead of rule of law in the country.

He said that 750,000 Pakistanis had left the country during the last seven to eight months and every class of society has been living in fear.

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Addressing the lawyer community via video link in ‘Rule of Law Conference’ he said that lawyers will have to play a responsible role for the country. He said that the rule of law has been blown into the air during the past eight months.

Imran Khan said that regime change was done after the conspiracy against an elected government and the first thing that the government had done was the clearance of their own cases. He said that he has always opposed giving NRO to thieves.

PTI Chairman also said that former army chief general retired Bajwa was deciding about the cases. He said that he had always said that he will not give NRO and had lost his government but didn’t compromise on corruption.

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He added that corruption cases have been wiped out one by one. Horse trading was done, and markets for selling the lawmakers were witnessed by the nation. He said that people have been disappointed. He said that if the fight for rule of law will not be fought today then the country will suffer ultimately.

The former prime minister further said that the challenges faced by the economy today have never been worse in history. He said that nobody was a sacred cow and all should be equal before the law.

He questioned that if corruption was not the problem then why have the corrupt have been brought under the law in the developed countries? He also said that China had put more than 450 in jail due to corruption.


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