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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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PTI claims victimisation at Sindh govt’s hands

Speaking to the media persons on Monday, former federal minister and president of PTI Sindh chapter Syed Ali Zaidi lashed out at the high-ups of the Sindh government for their alleged political victimisation of the party candidates who, according to him, had filed their nomination papers to contest the LB polls in its first and second phase.

He alleged that the PPP leaders including Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon had crossed all the limits of political vindictiveness against the PTI candidates, leaders and workers in Hyderabad. He said that PPP leaders were trying to deter their candidates from contesting the first and second phase of the elections for local government in the province, particularly in Hyderabad. He said that despite the schedule of the polls had been issued by ECP but the PPP rulers were getting officials transferred and posted their favourites so that they could easily rig the elections. The PTI leader warned Memon of the dire consequences if he did not stop victimizing the PTI candidates and workers.

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“The person who had already been involved in the massive corrupt practices has created the mess for the party workers in Hyderabad” he alleged. Zaidi claimed that the days of those ‘imported’ rulers were numbered since they would soon be shown to door out of power corridors for their ill-conceived and corrupt practices.

Zaidi who along with other PTI leaders reached Hyderabad told while meeting with party leaders and workers to chalk out plans and steady for upcoming LB polls, alleged that the rules, which came through a conspiracy against their government, were a real security threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country and asked the party workers to get ready for the fresh general elections in the country.

“The brave leader Imran Khan is proud of all such workers who have stood against the injustices and offered their resistance against the corrupt rulers across the length and breadth of the country” he added.

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Zaidi said that it was their genuine demand from powers that be to hold, fresh fair, free and impartial general elections in the country since the people of the country can no longer afford such corrupt rulers, who according to him, had already broken the back of the people.


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