When will judiciary wake up on custodial torture, asks Imran Khan

Our supporter was killed and case registered against me, PTI Chairman vows to fight Ali Bilal’s case

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has asked that when will the judiciary wake up on custodial torture.

In a tweet he said, “When will our Judiciary wake up to stop custodial torture, which is not only a violation of our Constitution but also our international legal obligation as Pakistan is State Party to International Convention Against Torture (CAT).”


He said that PTI worker Ali Bilal was brutally murdered and the irony was that a case was filed against him. He said that their supporter was killed and they were nominated murderers.

Addressing through video link with PTI Punjab leader and former provincial minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid he said that despite the fact that election schedule was announced but his party was being barred from carrying out public rallies in campaign. He said that PEMRA had stopped the media from broadcasting his speech yesterday evening although the court had suspended the ban on his speeches on the same morning.

PTI chairman said that a PTI worker, Ali Bilal Aka Zill-e-Shah was killed during police torture but the case was filed against him. He said that there were videos and witnesses of Ali Bilal’s police custody. Bilal’s father FIR was not being lodged and a fake FIR was registered. He vowed to stand with the family in this time.

Former prime minister condemned the death of Ali Bilal saying that he was a special person but was brutally tortured. He said that PTI will fight Ali Bilal’s case and Interim chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi and City Chief police Officer (CCPO) will be nominated in it.

He also said that the nation should be ready for ‘real freedom’ [Haqeeqi Azadi] for the sake of the country. He said that the country was on the verge of destruction. He said that the worst fascism was being carried on in the country and never such things had happened even during the martial law eras.

Imran Khan condemned the pressure on media from the ruling elite. He said that Arshad Sharif was murdered, co-chairman BOL TV shoaib Sheikh was arrested, journalists and social media activists were being threatened and abducted to stop them from speaking in favor of PTI.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid at the moment said that Ali Bilal was subjected to torture in custody. She said that due to torture and internal injuries blood had clotted in Bilal’s skull and from his spleen. She sad that Ali Bilal was very loving child but was brutally killed.

Earlier, Imran Khan, in a tweet, had dedicated a song to Ali Bilal.