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Reincarnation of ‘Farar’ has Sania Saeed, Marina Khan excited

The three strong-headed female characters of the new 'Farar' are being performed by Sarwat Gillani, Mariam Saleem and Maha Hassan

Director Mehreen Jabbar has finally confirmed that her much-awaited series for Zee5 titled ‘Farar’ is inspired from her telefilm of the same name from the late 1990s. The original telefilm was penned by the then-famous playwright Azra Babar and starred some of the best actors of Pakistan with Sania Saeed, Marina Khan and Huma Nawab in the leading roles and the likes of Humayun Saeed, Shabbir Jan and Badar Khalil accompanying them in side characters.

The telefim ‘Farar’, a story of three Pakistani women who set out to find their true identities amidst fraudulent and condescending people of a patriarchal society is still being taken as an inspiration is both interesting and sad. Things do not seem to have changed much for women in Pakistan, whose stories from the 90s’ decade can still be related to. The three strong-headed female characters of the new ‘Farar’ are being performed by Sarwat Gillani, Mariam Saleem and Maha Hassan, tells Mehreen Jabbar who has been observed captioning the web-series’ stills in the following manner.

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“25 years later, three friends trying to get by and shine in the glorious and mad city that is Karachi. From old ‘Farar’ to new ‘Farar’. Coming this year!”

Minute Mirror spoke with Sania Saeed and Marina Khan to ask them how they feel about their popular artistic telefilm being ‘almost’ remade with another set of three actresses being roped in to play the valiant characters the story calls for.

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Sania Saeed, who performed the role of an elegant classical dancer in the 90s’ ‘Farar’ was asked if she was happy that a new ‘Farar’ is being made when an old one was charming enough to keep in the record of good Pakistani dramatic productions. She said, “Why would anyone not be happy?” seconding the opinion of the majority of the Pakistani viewers who are surprisingly less skeptical and more excited for the series to release. Fans are eager to see what Mehreen Jabbar has in store for them this time, instead of saying that a project with veterans like Sania Saeed, Marina Khan and Huma Nawab should not have been experimented with in the first place.

Marina Khan was also approached to see how she feels about the new ‘Farar’, to which the actress and director responded in the following words:

“I am excited to see the result.”

This was said by someone who, in the ‘Farar’ from the 90s, performed the character of a serious working woman trying to decide between her career and her love-life unlike a hopeless romantic who would leave her job in an instant seeing a man falling for her.

‘Farar’, it means, has not only the viewers excited, but those top-notch actors as well who have been a part of the old ‘Farar’ and who cannot wait to see how the experiment turns out. However, with a director as creative and meticulous as Mehreen Jabbar who thankfully has also been given a platform where she can be herself, hopes are high.



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