Sajal Aly and Urwa Hocane ask for better parenting

Actresses speak up for changing how children are treated following Dua Zehra's case

One of the many things trending in Pakistan these days is Dua Zehra’s issue, the girl who was allegedly abducted from Karachi and was reportedly found in Lahore, married to a boy of her choice against her parents’ will. The parents, on the other hand, were observed making it to live shows, requesting the police to access her whereabouts and ‘not let the fact that she is a Shia girl act as a barrier in serving justice to her’.

With Dua having been found and the parents still not accepting that their girl, aged 14, has been married, netizens have been divided. Half of them accuse Dua of befooling her parents who were helplessly crying for their daughter on television, and half of them accuse the parents for being too strict, provoking Dua to take this decision, as can be observed from the girl’s statements who is openly and contentedly accepting her marriage.

The latter half incorporates some of our celebrities as well, who took to social media to raise their voice against parents whose upbringing is suffocating to the extent that children turn into rebels. Their context being the entire issue of Dua Zehra, Sajal Aly and Urwa Hocane have been making rounds for being the most vocal actresses regarding the case, especially when it comes to delving deeper into the matter and realizing how parents can at times destroy the futures of their children themselves.

Sajal Aly took to social media to make the following statement regarding the matter, subtly pointing at Dua Zehra’s parents’ attitude.

“I believe along with teaching children how to behave and conduct themselves, we should also teach parents how to treat their children. Parents should get weekly classes (one hour a week, minimum) on how to deal with children and their dilemnas [sic].”

Urwa Hocane, carrying almost a similar stance, said the following words: “Dua Zehra stood up against abuse, be it from a parent! Just like kids are taught how to behave with parents, parents should get lessons on how to behave with children, specially on this side of the world. Stop asking the gov (government) so your child comes home, rather regret your mistreatment.”