Senior dramatist Seema Ghazal on ventilator, fellow screenwriters request for prayers

One of Pakistan’s most famous screenwriters, Seema Ghazal, is on ventilator owing to a lung disease. The news was disclosed by Saji Gul, a contemporary screenwriter of Pakistan who took to Facebook on the November 3 to ask everyone to pray for the senior writer. It was further authenticated by another popular dramatist, Faseeh Bari Khan, who forwarded a WhatsApp message saying that Seema Ghazal was critically ill and requires prayers.

Fans nationwide instantly showed a lot of concern, for Pakistanis are indebted to Seema Ghazal for her countless contributions to the country’s drama industry. With famous projects to her name like Mehndi, Singhar, Chandni Raatein, Manzilein, Hum Se Juda Na Hona and Kise Awaz Doon, Ghazal won millions of hearts and reigned over the drama industry for almost three decades.

Seema Ghazal also holds special importance for bringing forth the genre of family drama, for she was the first writer ever to pen drama serials based on the joint family system prevalent in Pakistan and prolifically work in the area. Through stories incorporating huge families dealing with day-to-day household issues, Seema Ghazal established herself as a writer Pakistanis could relate to. The stories, having numerous characters, would also always demand high-budgeted productions, and it is because of that reason that stars like Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Aijaz Aslam, Amna Haq, Sadia Imam, Badar Khalil, Shagufta Ejaz and Qazi Wajid would frequently appear in her works.

With such an important writer of the country hospitalized for being critically ill, wishes and prayers for her quick recovery are needed.

The writer has been admitted to PNS Shifa Hospital in Karachi.