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Shehbaz reiterates resolve to bring peace back to Pakistan

PM promises engaging all resources to root out terrorism

As the country has been witnessing an uptick in terror incidents, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday reiterated his resolve to uproot the menace by using all resources available in Pakistan.

The premier, while addressing an event in Dera Ismail Khan after laying foundation stones of different uplift communication, road, hydel, and power infrastructure projects, said that he would take all possible steps to control terrorism in all its forms in the country. Shehbaz’s assurance came while commenting on the recent acts of militancy across the country, particularly highlighting the Bannu operation against the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) where its terrorists took over the Counter-Terrorism Department compound, which was later cleared by security forces.

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“Security forces bravely combatted the terrorists in Bannu. Acts of terrorism have once again seen a rise in the recent weeks. Those who embraced martyrdom in Bannu are Pakistan’s heroes. The nation will remember them,” the premier said, speaking at an event following the launch of development projects in DI Khan.

He told the attendees about his visit to the Rawalpindi Hospital to meet soldiers injured in the Bannu operation. The prime minister also spoke about the spate of terror attacks in Balochistan the other day. “Another terror attack took place in Balochistan yesterday. We are working hard to prevent them. We will employ all resources to uproot terrorism to bring peace in Pakistan,” Shehbaz added. He also assured the people of the eradication of extortion and other crimes.

Shehbaz also expressed the resolve that despite myriad economic challenges, including the post-flood situation, the coalition government was determined to steer the country out of the current difficulties. “These challenges might be manifold but 220 million people of the country should not get worried, the coalition government with the support of its partners will steer the country out of the challenges.”

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He said for the achievement of progress and prosperity, they would have to work hard with devotion. “Nations always faced difficulties and the coalition government will put Pakistan on the path of development only through hard work,” he added.

The prime minister said that he had laid down the foundations for the commencement of mega-development projects in the backward areas of the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He mentioned that during his previous visits, these areas were inundated with flood water and the people of the areas had faced immense destruction, from Nowshera to Swat, Kalam, Kohistan, DI Khan and Tank districts were badly affected by floods. Destruction in Swat was caused mainly due to man-made structures erected in the middle of the course of the river, he said, and criticized the provincial government of PTI for its flawed policies.

The prime minister sarcastically referred that the PTI provincial government always talked about the introduction of an efficient system, but the people had witnessed the crumbling of that system whereas the government’s blunders in this regard could not be neglected.

He said, however, that collective efforts were being made by all the governments to overcome the flood situation, but still different areas in Sindh were under floodwater and the people in Gilgit-Baltistan were shivering from the biting cold. The magnitude of the disaster was huge, he said, adding, on January 9 a donors’ conference would be held in Geneva and they would remind the world that the climate-induced calamity was the result of global carbon emissions by the developed nations.

The prime minister further assured the nation that the federal coalition government in collaboration with the provincial governments, would not rest till the complete rehabilitation of the flood-affected people.

The prime minister reiterated that dream of Nawaz Sharif for a prosperous Pakistan would be fulfilled. He regretted that during the past PTI government, all these uplift projects, initiated during the PML-N government, were brought to a grinding halt. Citing the Hakla-DI Khan motorway, the prime minister said it was part of CPEC conceived in 2017, but the PTI government put these projects into cold storage, thus affecting the development and progress of the country.

The prime minister also regretted that due to the faulty policies of PTI’s government, the friendly nations including China were dismayed. In a veiled reference to former prime minister Imran Khan, he said that the PTI leader had brought disrespect to the country after selling out the precious gifts donated by foreign leaders. They gave these precious gifts as a sign of fraternal ties with the people of Pakistan, but the former ruler sold them out in open markets, he added. He regretted that Imran Khan had no concerns for the public welfare and that his past government had never accorded any priority.


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