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Situation in Iraq perilous as Baghdad erupts following Sadr’s resignation

Situation continues to deteriorate in Iraq after cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said that he was quitting politics, following which clashes erupted in Baghdad that led to the deaths of at least 15 people.

Protests broke out soon after Sadr’s announcement as his supporters stormed Baghdad’s government quarters.

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According to media reports, the people were killed during clashes with Iran-backed militants. Sadr later announced a hunger strike in protest against violence by all sides.

United Nations (UN) mission in Iraq warned that the very survival of the state was at risk. The UN mission has also urged all the sides to refrain from such acts that could lead to an “unstoppable chain of events”.

Sadr said in a statement, “I’ve decided not to meddle in political affairs. I therefore announce now my definitive retirement.”

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The protesters, ignoring curfew, had stormed at the government complex where they lounged in chairs, got into the swimming pools and also made photographs of them.

The pro-Iran Coordination Framework’s members had opened fire on the Sadrists. Protests also spread to other parts of the country while Sadr’s supporters stormed government buildings in Nasiriyah and Hillah, and blocked the entrances to the Port of Umm Saqr.

In June, after failing to form government, Sadr had withdrawn his MPs from parliament insisting upon early elections and dissolution of parliament.

Caretaker Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhemi, earlier this month had convened crisis talks with party leaders, but the Sadrists had boycotted the talks.



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