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Friday, December 9, 2022
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Stranded Afghan nationals return home

Almost 5,000 stranded Afghan nationals in Pakistan have been allowed to cross Torkham till April 29 according to their old travelling arrangements, an official confirmed.

According to reports, Afghan nationals who are stranded in Pakistan due to different reasons are allowed to go back by the federal government only through Torkham till the date set by the government. After the date has passed, they will not be allowed to cross the border without proper paperwork and a new strategy for their travel will be worked out.

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Afghan travellers appreciated and thanked the Pakistani government for allowing the passengers to travel to their homes.

Earlier, Afghan local media reported that hundreds of Afghan nationals were stranded in Pakistan because they did not have the proper paperwork with them. According to a local correspondent, Afghans who returned to their home country were happy and said the problem should be solved permanently.

One of the travellers told the reporter that his family was without a caretaker and he was facing many problems when he was stopped on the other side of the border. He stressed that the Afghan officials should resolve the problem with the Pakistani side permanently.

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Pakistani officials told Afghan authorities that the rest of the Afghans would get their permits soon and would return to their country.



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