Sudan clashes: death toll increased to 97 including 3 UN World Food Programme employees

Picture source - Reuters

Three employees of the United Nations World Food Programme have been killed in clashes between the military and paramilitary forces in Sudan.

At least 97 people had been killed in clashes with Sudan’s military in various cities since a coup attempt by paramilitary forces.

The doctors’ union said in a statement early Monday, “The death toll among civilians in clashes since it began on Saturday … has reached 97.”

According to the news agency, three employees of the United Nations World Food Program were killed in clashes between the army and paramilitary forces.

After the deaths of the employees, the World Food Program temporarily halted its work in Sudan.

The United Nations condemned the killing of World Food Program employees in Sudan.

The battle started as a result of acrimonious arguments between Burhan and Daglo on the RSF’s intended integration into the regular army, which was a crucial requirement for a final accord meant to settle the crisis that has existed since the military coup that the two men jointly planned for 2021.

On the other hand, Egypt and South Sudan offered to mediate between the parties in Sudan.