Swatis demand across-the-board accountability

On behalf of the Accountability Movement Swat, a protest was held in the Main Nishat Chowk of Mingora. A large number of youths and people belonging to civil society participated in the protest.

Addressing the protest demonstration, Azizul Haque Khan, Younis Khan, Abid Ali Jan, Pir Ejazul Haque, Irshad Khan, and others said that since Pakistan was formed, the political parties have made it hollow and the reason is that the people of Pakistan today. They are stuck in the swamp of inflation.

“Accountability is necessary so that people looted money returns to the country’s treasury and people’s problems are reduced” they added

They said that we are not against any party. They should be held accountable so that the people know who has destroyed Pakistan.

They said that all the government employees who were recruited in the previous governments should present their merits to the public so that it is known on what basis these people were recruited.

They said that we strongly demand the concerned higher authorities to remove the public concern by pasting the merit list of the people recruited in government institutions in front of every office.

They said that if these people are not held accountable, Pakistan’s condition will worsen in the future and the people will have to face more difficulties.

“We appeal to the people to elect such people so that they can play a role in the good future of Pakistan and use all resources to provide affordable facilities to the people”.

They said that we strongly demand from the top authorities of our institutions that those belonging to each party of Pakistan who has held important positions in the government should be held accountable and the people should be taken out of this dilemma.