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Taiwanese billionaire announces to use $32 million to train civilians against Chinese invasion

A Taiwanese mogul has declared his intention to use one billion Tawan dollars ($32 million) of his own funds to train 3.3 million “civilian warriors” and marksmen to protect Taiwan against a Chinese invasion.

On Thursday, a Well-known businessman from Taiwan and the creator of United Microelectronics Corp, Robert Tsao made this announcement at a time when military tensions between Taiwan and China are rising.

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Tsao, during a news conference, said that Taiwan was constantly under attack from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He made a financial commitment to training “three million people in three years” while sporting a protective jacket and helmet.

He said that 60% of the funding would be used in cooperation with the Kuma Academy, the island’s civilian defence organization, to create an army of “warriors,” and 40% would be used to teach another 300,000 people how to shoot.

Tsao had renounced his Taiwanese citizenship in protest at a government probe into his firm. Tsao had previously been a vocal proponent of Taiwan’s unification with China.

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He admitted to having a change of heart after seeing the repression of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, especially the Yuen Long MTR attack.

He stated that if we can successfully prevent China’s ambitions, we will not only be able to protect our homeland but also make a big contribution to the world situation and the development of civilization.

Tensions between Taiwan and China have increased sharply, especially in the wake of the US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan.

Taiwan’s defence ministry said on Thursday that its forces had successfully shot down a Chinese drone.



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