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Taliban order to Shut down women’s hair salons

Taliban has ordered to shut down women’s hair salons in Baghlan in the next ten days.

According to local media, the Vice and Virtue Agents of the Taliban in Baghlan had told landowners and dealers to stop renting out space to women’s hair salons in addition to closing down those businesses.

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Promoters of vice and virtue for the Taliban in Baghlan referred to women’s hair salons as seditious and contrary to Sharia norms.

According to further sources, the proprietors of Baghlan’s markets and shops pressed the Taliban for a 10-day deadline.

However, Women’s hair salons in the provinces of Kunduz, Takhar, and Badakhshan had previously been shut down by the Taliban.

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Earlier, the Taliban banned women’s university education and higher education.

They also put a halt on women working in NGOs in Afghanistan which get heavily criticized by international organizations and states.


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