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Monday, January 30, 2023
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There is still time to correct ourselves

People have quite different opinions and ambitions than the government. They hate the politicians and their blame game. They will not forgive any bastard. It is time to correct ourselves and make everything neat and clean. If not, then cleaners are not far from us.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s decision not to take his Azadi March to Islamabad and decision to exist assemblies was a big surprise for his opponent as well for his supporters and workers also. While addressing the mammoth gathering at Rawalpindi on Saturday he said “instead of causing harm to our country it is better to leave this corrupt system.” Many of his passionate and stubborn supporters considered it a weak decision and didn’t like it. But all sane factions of the society have appreciated it as the best decision in the present conditions of the country. It has frustrated the hopes of Pakistan’s enemies who could use it for disruptive and devastating activities in the country. On the one hand, Imran Khan has saved his supporters and workers from the hardships of weather in the sit-ups and shutdowns of businesses in protests, and on the other hand, has slapped his opponents who have been continuously calling him a ‘disruption’. This peace offensive of Imran Khan has been eulogized by all the neutral analysts but caused panic in the ranks of his opponents. Immediately after calling it Imran Khan’s terrible failure, they started showing their embarrassment. Prime Minister Shabaz yelled before the media that his government came through a constitutional process and will take its term. He confessed that Pakistan’s economy was facing excessive monetary tightening he accepted the fact that we have a very short time to step back from the edge of bankruptcy and financial collapse. Shehbaz also had a telephonic conversation with the PPP co-chairperson Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and discussed the matter pertaining to Imran Khan’s decision to dissolve the Provincial Assemblies.

If we want fair and peaceful politics in the country and like democracy then there is no way the avoid accepting this peace offensive of Imran Khan as a great victory in the country’s politics. Those could be foolish and disinterested in national interests who wished for Imran Khan’s rallies to rush Islamabad or burst of riots in the country. Politics is the name of guiding the people in the right direction. Personal grudges or enmities can destroy the social life of a country. Songs and light music-type things in political gatherings are OK but bitter language is not a wise policy from any side. Mr. Zardari and other Sodagars of politics are said to be around again with the bags of money. Junior Sharif has claimed to get the no-confidence movement passed against the Punjab Government at any cost. Zardari’s Lahore program is also raising many questions. The simple conclusion is that Imran Khan’s peace offensive has created chaos in the ranks of his opponents. All of these efforts show the extreme frustration and utmost desire of the PDM government to stay in power. The way they remark about Imran Khan and the assassinating attack on him shows their fears and desires to stay in power even if it is at the cost of the nation’s worst economic and social condition. Now the position is that after the provincial assemblies are dissolved, elections against their vacant seats will be necessary to be conducted within two months’ time. It is a huge expenditure of billions of rupees. It will create enough tension in different political blocks. Within this time if {God forgives us} we default all the blame and burden will be given to the present PDM government. But after some more months, there will be again general elections against the all seats of national and provincial assemblies. It will bring devastating effects on our economy and social fibre. In the present situation, independent and neutral folks can reach the only decision which is the early elections. Our Sodagar-type politicians have the faith to spend in politics for gain a hundred times more. It is their plundering that has taken our economy to this dangerous position. Now, impartial people like me think that if they are not our enemies and are not given an agenda of our total failure then they must agree immediately for general elections. If Imran Khan can forget all which has been done to him and his party supporters during the last some months then why don’t these usurpers come to the senses and agree on early elections? Other questions raised by the public are: Is this country purchased by these usurpers? Is it all done by the USA and are they the internal conspirators that Imran Khan is pointing at? Do they have any policy for the welfare of the public or only their baseless blame and untired propaganda is the fate of our nation?

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If this time shameless ” Sodagars of parliament’s votes ”  once again start their dirty business of horse trading it will ruin the image of democracy in the eyes of the general public forever. This time, it will be the worst political game ever played in the country and there will be no room for democracy in this country. Sodagars don’t have any attachments with democracy they are the investors and politics is also one of their favourite businesses. Nevertheless, in present conditions nation needs to get rid of Sodagars if we want to get democracy approved by the public. Imran Khan took a big step by deciding to not take his march to Islamabad. But he didn’t announce to stop his endeavour for getting real independence. If Sodagars are active in the political market, Imran Khan’s movement for Real Freedom and democracy is also active. The battle is going on. PDM people are used to using all tactics of lying and propaganda and dirty horse trading. These tactics compel the other party too for coming with sort of dirty weapons that destabilize every institution of the country. Important institutions are also compelled to interfere in politics for saving the major interests and security of the country. If the date for the general national elections is not given and both major groups are not reached an agreed-upon formula for the elections then the environment of uncertainty, economic instability, and tension among the different factions of the society will not come to an end. If Imran Khan has taken a step back, the PDM government, if it has some confidence in itself should take two steps forward for settling the issues and especially reaching some national agreement on economic policies. Further delay in this regard can be devastating for everyone. The nation needs peace, tranquillity, justice, and steps of bringing the prices of daily-use commodities down in the reach of the common man. We are living in a claimed democracy. It is the people’s government. People have quite different opinions and ambitions than the government. They hate the politicians and their blame game. They have the awareness to determine the faults and strengths of the governments and politicians. It is not possible to hide the facts from them in this age of social media. They could not be fooled. It must be understood by all the players on the field. Now people’s rage and outbursts will be horrible. They will not forgive any bastard. It is time to correct ourselves and make everything neat and clean. If not, then cleaners are not far from us.


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