Two consecutive blasts in Jerusalem kill 1 while 14 injured

Picture source - AFP

Two consecutive blasts in Jerusalem on Wednesday have resulted in the death of 1 while 14 are wounded.

Security and medical officials have confirmed the twin blasts and one death as a result.

As per media reports, the first blast happened at a bus stop at the western exit from Jerusalem that resulted in the death of 1 man while 11 were wounded.

Another blast occurred at the next stop a short distance from the damaged bus that resulted in the injuries of 3 people.

Police reported that the two explosions happened 30 minutes apart.

At the time of the second blast forensic scientists, police, and explosives experts were all present to gather evidence and search the area for potential culprits.

According to Israeli police, the attacker seemed to be a Palestinian.

Police also claimed that the initial burst was caused by an explosive device concealed at a bus station close to the city exit.

Abdel Latif Al Qanoua, a spokesman for Hamas, claimed that the blasts were the result of crimes committed by the settlements and the occupation.

“We congratulate our Palestinian people and our people in the occupied city of Jerusalem on the heroic special operation at the bus stop,” he added.

The Israeli military declared the closure of two checkpoints near the volatile West Bank city of Jenin after the explosion.


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