Urwa Hocane calls out director Nadeem Baig for calling her difficult person professionally

Veteran actress Urwa Hocane has called out the director Nadeem Baig for his comments about her being a difficult person to work with saying it’s “Hurtful and Malicious.”

Nadeem on being asked about the celebrity he had the greatest trouble dealing with, named Urwa.

Urwa Hocane and director Nadeem Baig collaborated on the 2017 movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi. When asked which celebrity he had the greatest trouble dealing with around six years later, he chose her.

The actor from Meri Shehzad felt targeted by him and called him out, adding that performers already endure enough “unnecessary trolling” online without their coworkers “instigating the audience” as well.

She shared a long note on Instagram, “speaking straight from the heart”. She opened up about her side of the story and wrote, “It’s so unfortunate that the formats of our shows are such that each member of the industry has to put the other down for the sake of ratings in the garb of fun. Now that it’s come to this, I would like to elaborate on my side of [the] story. Nadeem bhai and I have only done one project together and had one difference [in] opinion about the song ‘Lak Hilna’ where we eventually went with his aesthetics, choice of song, and the dance step[s] as I sensed he was unwilling to hold a discussion.”

According to Urwa, as a society, we have developed an intolerance for opposing viewpoints, particularly those held by women.

“Despite being extremely trolled for the song, I never threw my director under the bus out of respect for him. I am so hurt [by] how my personality is being misrepresented publicly merely for holding a healthy discussion on set which I believe is [the] basis to teamwork while in all these years it was never pointed out to me in person.”

She feels responsible for not realizing sooner that she worked in a poisonous environment where offering creative solutions was frowned upon.

Mawra Hocane, Urwa’s sister, dropped down in the comment section under her post and wrote, “I have personally witnessed you go through all of this and more… Misunderstood and misrepresented… Most of all.. being brave through all of it.. May you always lead the way with your strength and grace InshaAllah and always remember [that] honor and sustenance are in Allah’s hands… Just keep going… I love you always..”

Urwa’s husband Farhan Saeed and actor Nadia Jamil also voiced their support under the post.


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