US envoy and former Afghan President discuss economic crisis

US Special Envoy Thomas West on a telephone call with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday discuss the state of the economy and the future of Afghan youth.

As per Thomas West’s Twitter, both discussed the need for an urgent and genuine national dialogue among Afghans regarding the future of their country.

He further stated that the international community will keep working hard to meet basic and humanitarian needs.

“Need the Taliban to do their part, reduce aid interference, govern in ways that invite investment and return of educated professionals,” west stated.

West went on to say that Karzai is an advocate of providing girls with basic education rights.

Earlier Hamid Karzai during an interview with France 24 stated that all girls “must definitely” go back to school Even if the international community doesn’t push this issue because it is “absolutely” necessary for Afghanistan’s survival.

According to Karzai, the Afghan nation itself demands women access the workplace and girls return to school.

“The first responsibility comes to the current government–to the Taliban government–to make sure that all Afghans from all walks of life–from all the Afghan people–are addressed, brought together, and the future of the country (is) discussed…. The decision is made through the will of the Afghan people.”


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