Uzbekistan as a symbol of true democracy

Uzbekistan has intentions to halve poverty by 2026 and wants to get upper middle income status by 2030 which is a great target to achieve but with determination and solid policies it can be done easily

Shavkat Mirziyoyev – the incumbent president and one of the popular politicians of Uzbekistan – won the presidential election in the last week of October by securing 80.1 percent of the votes. More than 80 percent votes were casted during the election that is a great achievement of the Uzbek Election Commission as the prevailing Coronavirus pandemic was the main hurdle for any public gathering. We must acknowledge eagerness and enthusiasm of the Uzbek nation which made a historic event during a fearful condition of the epidemic.

Being an observer, I got an opportunity to monitor the present elections and I really appreciate Uzbekistan’s government for holding the presidential election in a graceful and transparent manner, which shows democratic sense of the Uzbek people. It is worth mentioning here that Uzbekistan since its independence striving for development and prosperity and there is no doubt that its visionary leadership has achieved this goal in a short span of time. Policies of the government are people friendly and based on common good. Therefore, the people of the country eagerly participated in the elections because they know the importance of the very event.

Election of Shavkat Mirziyoyev is an acknowledgement of his past governance and popularity of his reforms, which he made soon after the assuming charge as head of the state in his first term. Uzbekistan Central Election Commission should be commended for the arrangement and conducting free, fair and transparent election, which is a symbol of true democracy. People of Uzbekistan by electing Mirziyoyev expressed their confidence in state’s institutions as well as the leadership of the country. This tendency is very important for developing countries as Uzbekistan by employing certain policies has showed its determination to achieve prosperity.

Entire process of the election campaign and electoral procedure of the election day was broadcasted through 414 video cameras, which were installed at scores of polling stations all over the country whereas Uzbek Election Commission provided facilities to local and international media that were dedicated to cover the election exercise. The whole process was also shared on social media sites. More than 1650 journalists remained busy to cover each and every thing of this very event. The constitution of the country guarantees provision of all human rights to the people; while Uzbekistan has accomplished particularly transforming its economy into a fast growing economy.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev has adopted certain measures to further enhance economic dimensions in order to achieve economic development goals. Now, the present government is moving forward to the next stage of the economic growth. The present government striving to overcome different problems in order to follow smooth and secure path of success. Despite the Coronavirus, Uzbekistan liberalized prices and removed bottlenecks in local and international trade activities which helped it to elevate economic status and avoid negative growth in 2020.

Uzbekistan has intentions to halve poverty by 2026 and wants to get upper middle income status by 2030, which is a great target to achieve but with the determination and solid policies it can be done easily. The Uzbek government is also giving priority to the improved health and education facilities to the nation. In first half of 2021, Uzbekistan’s GDP has crossed 6.2 percent because of augmented management of pandemic. Though the novel Coronavirus has affected global economy but the government’s efforts to cope with the issue is commendable. Strong industrial and services growth tempered weaker growth in agricultural production.

Robust increases in household income and domestic investment, as well as the continuation of anti-crisis spending and tax relief measures, also contributed to this year’s strong growth. Pakistan and Uzbekistan are two brotherly countries, both the countries enjoying good relations that could be further strengthened by promoting tourism, culture and people to people contacts. It is obvious that with a clear vision and profound determination are needed to a nation to be prospered and the Uzbekistan government rendering utmost efforts to chase development goals. Though there are challenges ahead but the vision of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has earned the trust of people, which is a remarkable thing as the entire nation thinks that he would lead the country beyond desires.