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We categorically reject the blanket comparison between Russia and Israel; says the US

United States State Secretary of State Ned Price on Thursday stated that there is no comparison between Israel’s military presence in the west bank and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As per the i24 news report, Ned Price stated, “We categorically reject the blanket comparison.”

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He further added that Russia is just showing aggression toward another sovereign state and urged it to call it a brutal war.

He also stated that Israel often faces unfair criticism.

“No country is or should be immune from criticism. That, of course, includes Israel. Some of the criticism that we’ve heard – and we’ve, of course, offered our own over recent months – is justified. Much of it is not.”

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The statement came after the chairwoman of a United Nations Commission of Inquiry into Israel’s activities in the West bank Navi Pillay alleged Israel of breaking international law.

She also urged Israel to stop its permanent occupation of Palestinian territories and asked UN members to prosecute Israeli leaders.

UN commission report also Israel of ding de-facto Annexation of Palestinian territory.

Pillay also stated that the recent UN General Assembly condemnation of Russia for annexing parts of Ukraine obligated the body to issue a similar statement regarding Israel and Palestinian territories.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid on Twitter called the report anti-Semitic.



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