‘We know each other since 2013’: Mishi Khan asks Reham Khan to stop faking

Mishi Khan has decided to wind up her social media war with Reham Khan, sending across one last video message on the issue and stating that this was going to be her last post on her row with Reham Khan.

The ‘Uroosa’ fame actor said that she was making this one last video in order to clear a lot of things and incline Reham Khan to get her facts straight and also “recall her memory” as she seems to have forgotten Mishi Khan.

Mishi started her video by saying that she was irked at Reham Khan referring to her as a third person, and that’s why she felt the need to remind her that the two knew each other very well, unlike what Reham Khan was portraying to the public. This is what Mishi Khan said:

“My last video on this as I want to set the record straight before things are blown out of proportion.” Then, directly addressing Reham Khan, she continued:

“You came on my morning show in 2013 when you landed in Islamabad. I hosted you and gave a tremendous intro about your career with BBC. No one knew you even existed and later you joined a channel as an anchor. We again met at a Sweet Home orphanage function where we were invited as guests [and] where you said that you will be making a movie. Later, I got a call from IRK Films about the project, so don’t refer to me as if you don’t know me and riding on someone else’s horse of fame. Differences apart, learn to be replying in a fearless manner to those who knew you when no one else did.”

Mishi Khan also asked Reham to stop saying that Mishi Khan was doing this for fame. “Alhamdulillah I was famous before you, when you were weather-reporting in London and being a housewife,” she said, ending her video message.