Yawar Iqbal faces backlash after dressing up as Bushra Bibi for Halloween

Pakistani actor Yawar Iqbal dressed up as PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi at a Halloween party and netizens are not having it.

Yawar Iqbal shared his look on Instagram, impersonating former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi.

The artist put on a white veil and a burqa and posted a picture with a caption also.

Nabila Salon assisted him with his makeover, and Tayyab Siddiq designed his outfit.

As soon as the post began circulating, internet users started criticizing Yawar for disrespecting the former first lady and hurting the feelings of PTI supporters.

Several people referred to it as an attempt to ridicule religion, while others deemed it impolite to troll someone’s personal and religious beliefs.

A user wrote, “Every day people in this country amaze me with new low they can touch.”

Another tweeter stated that it is not okay to use a woman’s fashion sense as your Halloween costume and mock her because she opts to cover herself differently.

Yawar also posted a picture with Makeup artist Khoji with the caption “Pinky and me.”

Another Pakistani Actor Areeba Habib also faced backlash for reposting his story.

A user while calling out Areeba Habib stated “You posted it for a reason, so you are equally responsible for it.”

After receiving backlash Areeba apologized with a statement stating that she only wanted to appreciate the designer and makeup artist.

Following the uproar, Iqbal made his Instagram account private and removed his profile picture.


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