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Yumna Zaidi elucidates the mystic concept of ‘Wajd’ in her own words

Popular young sensation Yumna Zaidi’s latest video carries free verses written by the actress herself on ‘Wajd’, the Sufi concept of getting entranced in the love of God.

The actress captioned the video as “Wajd –  A feeling of extreme emotional intensity – My thought into some words”, while reciting a short free-verse poem encapsulating the idea of embarking upon a spiritual journey and losing all worldly desires in the way, only to get more and more immersed in the love of God. To elaborate more, the ‘Sinf-e-Aahan’ actress had given her own words to the mystical notion of ‘Wajd’, the idea which finds its roots in the Sufi school of thought and refers towards the act of so deeply getting engrossed in God’s love so as to forget the world and its worries for a few moments. This state is also represented by Sufis through their dance known as Sema, incorporating whirling dervishes whose eyes are closed, suggestive of their condition of entrancement.

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The majority appreciated Yumna for her lovely effort, especially in the wake of the holy month of Ramadan which for Muslims is characterized by an effort to be as much close to God as possible. However, a few people, especially those acquainted with the technical nuances of the genre of poetry, did not seem much satisfied by the verses, which according to them, carried no sense of rhythm.



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