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Army generals and martyrs should not be called traitors, says PTI leader

Khurram Rokhri reveals the details of meetings with General Faisal Naseer

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Major (retired) Khurram Hameed Rokhri has said that General Faisal Naseer’s appointment was discussed as a special matter in a meeting of PTI.

He said that he knew Naseer very well as Naseer is two courses junior to him. He said that he had stated in a party meeting that the public was important and army generals and martyrs should not be called traitors in public gatherings. He was speaking at Hamid Mir’s show Capital Talk.

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Rokhri said that the meetings had started after Shahbaz Gill’s arrest and then meetings were held with General Faisal also. He added that he had taken Salman Ahmad as the spokesman of Imran Khan in the third meeting with General Faisal.

Talking on Geo TV Rokhri said that he just wanted well for PTI and always supported the party. He further said, “I just wanted to end the friction between both parties.”

He added that he had tried to have a meeting of army officers with Imran Khan after taking the consent of the PTI Chairman but someone else had gone to meet the officers just to waste his efforts. Another effort was tried for the purpose but that was also spoiled.

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It is important to know that Rokhri has been sent a show-cause notice over the matter by PTI.

Salman Ahmad stated in a video message to General Faisal Naseer that he had met him in a two-hour-long meeting. He said that he had met for a good cause so that the country could go in a better direction.




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